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CIRCLE-seq, a Highly Sensitive in vitro Gene Editing Off-Target Assessment Technique, Exclusively Licensed by Beacon Genomics Published Online in Nature Methods

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ALLSTON, MA, May 1, 2017 – CIRCLE-seq, developed in the laboratory of J. Keith Joung at Massachusetts General Hospital and exclusively licensed to Beacon Genomics, is a highly sensitive in vitro approach to screen for the off-target effects of gene editing. CIRCLE-seq utilizes highly sensitive next-generation sequencing-based methods and advanced informatics techniques to identify potential off-target site candidates. The CIRCLE-seq method was published today in an Advance Online Publication in Nature Methods as “CIRCLE-seq: a highly sensitive in vitro screen for genome-wide CRISPR-Cas 9 nuclease off-targets.

Off-target effects can be a key concern for researchers and companies developing therapies and other products such as cell lines when using gene editing platforms including CRISPR-Cas9. Identifying the location and extent of off-target effects can help scientists to define and improve the safety of their therapeutic platforms.

CIRCLE-seq is the second exclusively licensed technology Beacon Genomics offers as a service for off-target specificity assessment. The first, GUIDE-seq, is a cell-based strategy for identifying potential off-target sites. Beacon Genomics also offers targeted sequencing for validation of off- target sites identified by the GUIDE-seq and CIRCLE-seq screening techniques.

About Beacon Genomics:

Beacon Genomics provides comprehensive services for off-target assessment for gene editing products via its exclusively licensed GUIDE-seq and CIRCLE-seq assays. These assays offer unbiased genome-wide approaches to better understand gene editing specificity. Scientific co- founders of Beacon Genomics include: J. Keith Joung (MGH), Martin Aryee (MGH) and Shengdar Tsai (St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital). Beacon’s customers include biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science tools companies. Learn more at

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